Heinbuch Bursaries

Not only does the Heinbuch Classic provide a top-rate competitive opportunity for the best Senior Boys Basketball teams in the province, but it also provides the funding for the Heinbuch Classic Bursaries.

 The Heinbuch Classic Bursaries are awarded each year to assist WRDSB & WCDSB students with financial need to attend a summer basketball camp. The criteria for these bursaries are simple:

  • That there is genuine financial need for the student;
  • That some plan is made for the student to contribute (if at all possible) to the cost;
  • That the student be in Grade 9 and has basketball potential that should be developed

The organizing committee proudly sponsors these bursaries with the proceeds from the tournament and the profits from the 2006 OFSAA basketball championships.  Since the inception of the bursaries 30 years ago, we have been able to assist 129 students with bursaries totaling approximately $53,485!